Coda S. Alumni – Resident story

Broken, hopeless, scared, and angry I would have never imagined my life becoming what it has in the last 3 years that I have been clean and sober. Aside from the dream truck I have always wanted, the snowboarding trips, the vacations to Hawaii, the financial stability and mended friendships, I have reunited with family that I thought I’d never speak to again. Ive been through programs before, but nothing ever stuck. Feeling so tired of trying and failing, I almost gave up on Pathfinders before I ever gave it a chance. Thankfully, Jack Tally (manager at Pathfinders) talked some sense into me and explained to me that I need to give it a chance if it is going to work. It was very challenging at first not being used to the rules and structure, the groups, and meetings… But the staff there was always so invested in doing what they could to help us through the rough times, teaching a better way of living, explaining the reasoning behind all the little things that I thought were just made to test me. Showing us how even those little victories are accomplishments and how they can become steppingstones to success. It has been over 2 years since I resided at Pathfinders and Jack, along with his team, still make time for me when I need guidance or support. I met some of my closest friends in that place, had some of the best beach trips I had in years, AND I COULD REMEMBER THEM! We felt like Spartans with all the battles we were tried and triumphed together. Pathfinders is the foundation to my success, and I am forever grateful.

-Coda S.