2952 Cedar st.

We are preparing this house for our planned transition that will take place in July 2023.  The house needs minor cosmetic repairs such as paint, flooring, and remodeling of the bathrooms.  We anticipate the cost to be around $30,000.  Donations for this project could include supplies such as paint, flooring materials or the cost of labor.

Cedar St front Porch

One of the most beloved areas of our property is the front porch of 2980 Cedar St.  The porch is in need of new banisters, tiles, and a new concrete slab.  We anticipate this cost to be $15,000.  Donations could include cost of labor or supplies for the project.

Dale st Garage

The Garage behind 1530 Dale st. is our largest project.  Our dream is to remodel this space into a multi-purpose ADU with room for six beds and additional offices for Staff.  Our anticipated cost of this project is $600,000.

Walk in Freezer

We need to replace our Walk in Fridge and Freezer which stores the food for all program participants.  The anticipated cost of replacing the unit is $48,000.   We have already raised $10,000 for this project and are hoping to replace it within the next six months.

These are our largest projects that are currently taking place.  If you are interested in supporting one of these projects or donating supplies to Pathfinders, please reach out to Sean Verner or Christopher Nobbie directly.  We are greatly appreciative of the support we have received thus far and are excited for the future of Pathfinders and the positive impact these projects will have on our community.