Resident Story: Santi G.

When I got to Pathfinders, I did not know what to expect. I had been to two rehabs in years past where the target client as LGBTQ, so I was a little timid and hesitant, but my spirit called me to Pathfinders, nonetheless. I was pleased to discover that the staff was very welcoming, open-minded and made me feel like I was part of their family/brotherhood. My experience there was different from the past treatment programs. The staff really took the time to not only show me sympathy but were very empathetic and understanding when it came to sensitive matters and when it came to my interests and my program. They pointed me in the right direction whenever I felt lost and lifted me up whenever I felt low. They were very open and receptive whenever I needed to express my feelings and they allowed me to process growing pains in a safe environment. Anytime I needed a shoulder to cry on…and there were plenty, someone was there to help me through it.

I thank my spirit guides every day for leading me to Pathfinders. If it were not for the staff and the brotherhood that they provide, I don’t think I’d be in the same state of mind. Anytime that I feel lost or alone, I know that I can call them and be greeted with love on the other end. Anytime I miss them, I know that I can stop by and be greeted with open arms. In my many years of feeling fearful of the unknown, I now know that it does not matter that I’m gay; I am considered a brother among brothers at Pathfinders and a brother among brothers in recovery.

Thank you, Pathfinders, for showing me another way.

Santi G.